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Re: Colorists & DP's

)) After all Ansel Adams had
the luxury of dodging and burning his prints, motion picture labs do not. ((

Well, I'm slowly working on an optical printer that uses a CRT light source,
so one can dodge and burn.  Highly impractical, of course, and just for my
own work, but I have a feeling that people will do this stuff digitally soon.
 And with that new BTS telecine that will do realtime (so I hear) 2K
scanning, colorists will be able to do work on this footage, rather than SFX
people.  Could be a new world...

And with the possibility of dye imbibition prints coming back, (a la IB
Technicolor) with matrices generated by laser, it is also possible that with
a scanner like BTS's or the Klone that the colorist could replace the timer,
and deliver corrected (and huge) computer files to the matrix people....

Ah, what a future lies ahead!

Jeff Kreines