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moderation & fee

I've received many messages with opinions about the proposal to
moderate this mailing list, and the consensus is that it should remain
open and unmoderated, so at least for the time being, that is how it
will be.  For those of you who wanted moderation and sent me
complaints, I sympathize, and ask you to consider the digest mode of
the list, which will mail you all the traffic in one big message every
three days or so.  And everyone, please watch your To: headers, in
order to avoid sending personal messages to the group.

I'm happy to accept donations in the 'minimum amount of $20 or
$25/year' as proposed by Jim Mckinney and Jeff Kreines for the support
of this webserver and mailing list; your name will be included in the
donors section of the webpage.  As Bill Topazio says, let's keep it
voluntary, and I will not let the requests for donations approach that
of a PBS pledge drive.  But if I need a host for our first pledge
netathon, are you available Mr. Festa?  Checks can be made out to: Rob
Lingelbach, 2660 Hollyridge Dr., L.A., CA 90068.  As an aside, I want
to thank Jim Lindelien of Time Logic for his recent generous

I expect NAB to bring a spate of new subscriptions-- I have some
'telecine internet group' cards printed up I'll be dropping off at

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon with the mail flow; the
Sprint outage that lasted 36 hours or so really messed things up here,
there are still hundreds of messages waiting to be delivered.  


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