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Uhh excuse me!

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 I am well known for opening my mouth and expressing my opinion were
its not welcome, the people who know me personally know I'm not out to
cause trouble but I love being a colorist, And I'm passionate about the
things I love.
 Today I will send the renewal fees equal for a years membership to
SMPTE to Rob, $75.00 for a year. Rob has provided a priceless venue for
our craft, a place to pass information that we cannot receive anywhere
 Also I nominate Rob to the first "Alegria" award. The award to the
Colorist who unselfishly helps advance our craft and that provides all
of us a better way to satisfy our clients.
 Enough with ego's. Color is asthetic, I may think I'm a ginuis, you
may think I'm a  moron. I believe Colorist should not receive a award
for a good  color, all of us can provide a product that can make our
clients happy. we should do what we can to stick together and help
those who don't have the knowledge or experience or talents the others
may be lacking. I challenge all who subscribe to do the same.
 David Keleshian