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Re: Colorists & Nights

Jim Erickson sez:  "Above all, virtually no time must be spent in
tape-to-tape after the online.  I was once told that the goal for
tape-to-tape time for a half-hour show I was doing was---you guessed
it---half an hour!"

Jesus Christ!  At Complete, we routinely schedule at least 3 hours to
color-correct a 22-minute sitcom, usually digi-Beta to digi-Beta.  If the show
has got more than an average number of cuts (say, over 450-500), or if it has
some problems or needs a few dozen Power Windows to solve lighting flaws, then
it can easily take more like 6-8 hours.  

In perfect situations, when we've been able to match all four cameras by
dual-rolling playback machines (a real luxury when VTRs are constantly in use),
I can sometimes do a tape-to-tape later on in about 2 hours.  But half an hour?
 It takes us that long just to set up!  

On your comment about the dailies:  I find when starting a project like that,
it helps if you can stop by the set at least once to introduce yourself to the
DP, so that both sides know the face behind the name, and you can get a general
idea of what he or she is dealing with on the set.  If you have the luxury of
being able to transfer Friday's shots on Saturday, and the DP can come in to
comment, that helps even more.

And Amen to your thoughts on those who toil on the late, late shifts.  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood