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Pledge week

Hi friends,

Greetings from your on-line host of the 1996 Telecine Group Pledge Drive.

This mornings minimum pledge amount brings you membership in good standing
as well as three coffee cups slightly soiled from this mornings first
telecine session. (All clients believed to be in good health).  ;^)

All kidding aside, the recent spate of DP's versus colorists is getting
blown a little out of proportion. I think if you look at what a client
receives with a one light film dailies print versus; a well done, scene by
scene color corrected, dissolved, noise reduced, audio synced, key coded,
time coded, FLeX filed, and otherwise professionally logged dailies film
transfer is ten fold to what they are accustomed to. I think Marc Weilage
hit it on the head when he stated that the episodic producers are not
willing to pay for quality telecine services. They want it good, fast, and
cheap. But we all know that you cant have all three. On the other side, when
a client receives questionable dailies, it sure makes the final color
session go smoother when you look like the hero.

Beyond this however, there is always room for improvement. I recently
attended Kevin Shaw's daVinci level II colorist class to hone my DUI V1.6
skills, and much to my amazement, there is a lot all of us can learn from
continued studies. Push your employers to educate and inform not only
yourselves, but your clients. Misunderstanding is really the root of this
dailies issue as well as any other job you may have blow up in your face.

Once again a special thanks to Kevin Shaw. As the International Ambassador
of Telecine, I think he should lead the pledge drive next week. Good show.

Bob Festa                                   Festa at earthlink.net
Director of Telecine                        Festa at holydig.com
Hollywood Digital                           213 465 0101
6690 Sunset Blvd  Hollywood, Ca 90028