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Re: Colorists & DPs & Nights

As a colorist relegated to the vampire shift, I would like to thank you for
all the sympathy expressed on this thread.  And I'd like to reassure all the
DPs lurking on the list that we do indeed do our best to give them the best
damn dailies possible.  There are no "one light" dailies coming out of our
facility.  "Make it look good" is our battlecry. Even when it takes dissolves
within takes, and there are 20 takes that need them.
What I can't understand is the place that measures work by footage/time and
doesn't  take into account the subject.  How can you be expected to pump out
a man-in-the-street interview job in the same amount of time as a studio
shoot with 23 takes of the same scene?
However, I do appreciate the DPs who take the time to call me at midnight
after they've had a before-dawn wake up call to go over the look they want.
 That's dedication on their part, and it lets me put out a better product.
CB Gaines, Monaco Video, San Francisco
Charts, shmarts!  Give me a tire and a p.a. in a white cap and we can work it