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Re: Ref charts

J-Pierre Beauviala writes:

))As you know Aaton began in the film industry some 25 years ago by making 
Super16 & 35mm cameras of the light and mobile sort.  We were thus 
exposed to the hectic-situation fimmakers from day one... and still we 
are!  For these clients, charts of any sort are not well received for 
sure, but on the other hand - as most of you pointed out - they are less 
and less careful about exposure correctness and too often blame the 
people downstream((

JP, as a student of the Leacock/Pennebaker/JP Carson school of Guerrilla
Filmmaking, I have to disagree!  Most of us grew up shooting color reversal
stocks, with perhaps 1/2 stop of latitude.  We were the sort of filmmakers
who loved 1 light dailies, because we didn't want a timer turning wonderfully
lit people into china girls.  (This is a reaction against 70's film dailies
timers; telecine colorists are better prepared to cope with unlit reality
footage, I think.)  We also loved color reversal stocks because it was harder
for a timer to change the look to something bearing no relation to reality.

Given that background, we (at least of the older generation) tend to meter
and expose carefully.

But it is true that we don't like charts or slates of any kind.

Best regards,

Jeff Kreines