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Working Together

        After observing the initial responses to my recent communication
regarding the cinematographer's color charts and the relationship between a
telecine colorist and a DP, I feel compelled once again to respond to some
major misconceptions.  It should first be noted that like any other color /
gray scale set-up chart, the Cinematographer's Color Chart (part of the
Thorough Conrol System) was not, I repeat, not designed nor was there ever
any intention to have the Telecine colorist merely set up the chart
according to   the specified IRE units and let the film roll without ever
touching the color corrector conrols again.  This has never been stated and
it is entirely wrong information.  No one is suggesting that this, or any
other system, should replace the telecine colorist. This thought is
ludicrous. It is recognized that the telecine colorist, like the
cinematographer, is an artistic craftsman, each in their end of the
        The complete system includes a detailed manual for both the
cinematographer and colorist.  It is noted that the cinematographer should
provide a copy of the manual to the colorist before the time of transfer.
If this is not done, a colorist can certainly call Gamma & Density directly
any time requsting one for free.
        A cinematographer's color chart and any set-up film strips are a
major step in bringing these two sides together. The Gamma & Density chart,
while by no means is "the end all", has an added plus in that it, unlike
any of it's predecessors, now has a system (in process of patenting) of
electronic (IRE) equivalents printed on the chart for color and gray scale
set-up in telecine.  This does not mean that "once it is set up you leave
the color corrector controls alone."  It does mean that color trims, light
levels, etc. may very well still have to be adjusted as needed per
production negative exposure.  In fact, this setup was originally designed
to insure proper and constant contrast balance and gamma settings, major
concerns of the cinematographer.  Slight adjustments to color and
luminance, of course, may be necessary.  The entire system is designed to
not only help the telecine colorist, but also the DP in knowing where
settings are exposure-wise in relation to the nominally exposed Telecine
set-up film strip.  After all, any and all attempts to bring us all
together should be welcomed, not feared.
        It is from these discussions read on this forum, and many others,
that we can learn from each other, make changes to what has to be done, and
continue to grow.  Rather than taking a negative approach to these
discussions and efforts, you are all invited to share your comments
directly with the Gamma & Density Co., as I'm sure the same is true for
other manufacturers such as Rank, Bosch, Kodak, and Fuji, to name a few, as
        As for evening shift colorists, there seems to be a
mis-interpretation of what was wriiten in the March issue of American
Cinematographer Magazine, and for this, an apology is in order.  This is
quite the contrary.  Actually, these Telecine colorists are every bit as
important as any other time of day, since this is when cinematographers,
particularly those working on shows or films, have time to communicate to
the telecine colorist.  Communication must be at its utmost when speaking
to the cinematographer to establish the overall look, as we all know.
        Again, we believe it is imperative to set things staraight and
clarify any misconceptions that have particularly arisen out of no or
little experience with the systems.  As stated before, we will be putting
together a conference (or series) of Telecine colorists, Film technicians,
and Cinematographers to improve the quality of communications and develop
proper and necessary working tools that are needed within our profession.
Here is an opportunity for you to turn your ideas,thoughts, and comments
into a system that works in the best way possible for all of us.  All
industry professionals are invited to join us in these ventures.  Thank

                                                                Yuri Neyman
                                                                Gamma &
Density Co.