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Generating Timecode, DP's & Colorists..

I am quiet impressed with the amount of traffic in this group regarding the 
DP/Colorist relationship - the most I've seen here on one subject in a long 
Since I'm mostly running dailies at night, it's a very interesting thread.

However, I hope that not all of the engineers in this group have faded out by 
now and that someone can help me with something I'm working on.

I'm still trying to use the Lynx timecode/filmmodules to sync up audio, rather 
than using the Pogle/TLC.
According to my latest research, using standard smpte timecode, smart slate 
timecode can be entered into the Lynx without using those hideous buttons on 
the Lynx front panels.
I am trying to find a way to generate a single timecode number to feed into 
the Lynx. Does anyone know of a pc-board or software that can generate 
Since only a single timecode number is required, precision in terms of rolling 
timecode is not necessary.
Does Horita (hope I spelled that right) manufactures a small stand alone box 
that can do that? They build those little VITC to LTC converters and other 

If anyone can think of a simple way to generate a timecode signal, please let 
me know. It would help a lot in the nightly struggle transferring those 
dailies with audio problems.

Hope I'm getting through to someone - maybe I should throw
some color charts around (also available as stock footage)  ;^)

- Kay.