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Re: Dailies

On Mar 17, 22:17, "DeepSpace" wrote:

>      There's been a bit of talk lately on dailies, so I guess this is 
> a good time to jump in with an observation.  I've noticed more and 
> more clients editing from dailies, then coming in to transfer 
> selected takes.

What other way is there to do it?  If you're considering final
transfer before offline, I don't think that would work, so the only
alternative I see is doing a very friendly (no clipping) dailies xfer
and then tape-to-tape it.  But because that is also not ideal-- no
repoing possible, range restrictions-- I feel the default method of
editing from 3/4 dailies and then doing a final xfer is best.  But I
would like to point out that it is very much preferred to *cut the
negative* into select rolls.  There is a huge difference in the
efficacy of a telecine transfer done from a roll of selected shots,
and one done by retrieving, laboriously and out-of-sequence, selected
shots from a mountain of original lab rolls.  Fortunately, I have
a few clients who recognize the value of the select roll... but the
majority now don't cut the negative.  It does cost more to cut, and is
an extra step, but the continuity advantage in transfer is enormous.


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