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NY SMPTE Mtg 3/21/96


NY Chapter SMPTE Meeting

   Digital Audio Mixing and Processing in the Video Post Environment

   March 21, 1995

   Mark Goodson Theatre
   2 Columbus Circle
   8th Ave at 58th St
   Level A

   6:00p Refreshments
   6:30p Program Start

   Join us on March 21st as we discuss the technical issues involved with 
digital audio mixing and processing in the video post production environment. 
We have an all star group of speakers lined up to introduce us to emerging 
technology that will make life in the edit room much more pleasant and 
   Our guest speakers will be:
      Andy Munitz - Sony
      Mike Patten - Graham Patten
      Glenn Sanders - Zaxcom

   As always all are welcome - you need not be a member to attend.