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Re: Dailies

On Mar 18, 22:02, "DeepSpace" wrote:
} Subject: Re: Dailies

> Rob replies to my original post:
> > What other way is there to do it?  If you're considering final
> > transfer before offline, I don't think that would work,
> But why not?  In most cases there are between 6 and 16 rolls of film 
> per spot.  With the usual complications, it winds up taking about the 
> same time to fully color correct and transfer as it does to hunt down 
> each scene from a C mode list.

Robert, I'm going to ship this reply to the group as I think it may be
of interest (your reply went only to me).

You know, rethinking the thing for a minute, I realize that sometimes
I actually do a final xfer before offline edit, for certain
budget-minded Directors --interestingly, they seem mostly to be
Arizonans-- when they come in they have usually a very good idea of
which shots they want in their spot (good script notes and an accurate
memory of the shoot), so we transfer either close to everything or
else we skip a few obviously NG takes.  These commercials end up
showing in Phoenix for some reason I have yet to figure out.

> >  But I would like to point out that it is very much preferred to *cut the
> > negative* into select rolls.
>      Now this is a great idea, except in this market there are few 
> negative cutters and the clients remember all the dirt from back when 
> they used to edit on film and conform (ah, remember those days?  

Here in Hollywood, I think neg cutting is down to a science, I just
don't have the dirt problems with it that I used to have occasionally.
I can understand if there are no good cutters in your area.  It is
approaching a lost art anyway...


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