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Re: Top Of The Charts - Yuri Neyman

Time for those in South America to voice their opinions!
15 years, 11 different Countries and various machines varying from ones that 
you can see the picture and others that you have to repair every morning....  
I have found one underlying factor:  Education.  The clients that I have no 
problem with ever, are the ones that know what is going on.  
I have spent many hours teaching some of my clients as much as I possibly 
can about how a telecine works, whether it be CCD or Flying Spot.  What the 
Colour Correction device does, the scopes, the gates, etc ad nauseam.
These individuals suddenly find that they are now not walking into a room 
which was the closest thing to a witches den, but somewhere they can 
communicate and understand the process.
I understand peoples thoughts regarding the new charts!  I cannot comment on 
them directly as I haven't seen them.  The new Rank Box sounds interesting 
though.....  But another rats nest??  How do you communicate the box's 
numbers without taking the DP out of the room for a stiff brandy?
So what do you guys think of this one:  To me the chart is almost on the 
film itself anyway.  The frame bar can only be one thing: Black!  Thus from 
that you can tell by comparison where the exposure of the film is, or even 
if it has filtration.  Okay, so how do you deal with whites?  Well, I use 
experience, which is not exactly what the group is looking for, but at            
least for now I feel I have half the equation sorted out!!
The joke always is what the end transmission is viewed on at home or what 
the  broadcaster does!  Example in Hong Kong, all transmissions are sent 
through the broadcasters new fangled box called a noise reducer, as they 
have one it should be used at all times and by the looks of things at nearly 
full blast on both Recursive and Median...  You should see the artifacts!
Lets get together, educate the poor client and push for people further down 
the line not to mess our pictures up!  Starting with banning all consumers 
at home having television tubes over 6 years old!

Anyway, I have to sympathise with all you guys who try their hardest, sweat 
buckets, don't sleep at night, etc and still get kicked by the client.  The 
underlying factor here is whether the client is on your side from the 
beginning....  If they are then everybody is more comfortable, more 
confident and can produce better work.  TEAM is the operative word, if your 
clients are anal, send them to Festa to be shouted at!
Ken Robinson
 Buenos Aires, Argentina