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one light transfer?

Good day  colorists:

Has it ever happened to you that when doing a one-light transfer of dailies,
the DP visits, supervises the transfer, and when he sees you adjust the
master gain to adjust for over-exposed or underexposed shots, tells you to
stop and just keep the setting for the duration of the transfer?
Technically, what is a one-light transfer? Is it like what i described as
color adjusting the first scene, and leaving the setting as is for the
duration of the roll?  Is the first scene, to begin with, a reliable
reference for the whole roll?  Or should the colorist adjust on the fly any
discrepancy, making it look like the DP had perfect exposure for the whole roll?
I've been using the TAF(or any one of those variant calibration films) as a
basis for exposure
references(i have, i believe, made only one transfer where the exposure(and
color) matched the shot negative).  After all the hype generated in this
forum concerning calibration films, i would rather have a somewhat
questionable reference than no reference at all.However, it is great that an
effort is being made to somehow bridge(?) the gap between the DP and the
colorist.  I think the real problem is the FEAR generated when you turn over
control of your work to someone else, hoping that your vision matches the
colorists output.  I had some experience shooting on film before doing
telecine, and what i realized is that fundamental changes happen when there
is  miscommunication between the DP and the colorist.  On the other side of
the coin, if the DP makes the colorist feel that he's on their(our) side,
then there is a greater motivation to push the boundaries of
experimentation.  Once the DP sees how much we can turn his photography into
works of art, he'll be less worried about how printing lights translate to
settings on the color corrector, and more focused on the look of his film.

I've gone on leave from telecine for a couple of months now.  I kinda miss
it.  Hope to go back to telecine  soon.

Jude A. Ng
former telecine colorist
former Quantel Henry editor
now looking for employment
(just kidding!)