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Re: Be fair to be free

On Mar 20,  2:25, JPB wrote:
} Subject: Be fair to be free

> Thank you Mr Schneiderman for your twice repeated poster -  the way they 
> make TV ads -  about alledged Keylink database inaccuracies, when your 
> engineer is well aware the problem lies in your telecine speed-ramping 
> control, NOT in the Aaton Keylink.

To clarify for anyone who is interested in this, and I hope the whole
subject dies and we won't have to address it again any time soon, the
original posts by 'Mr. Schneiderman' (this could be an alias) were
deleted from the archives, but not before one of them did go out in
the digested version of this list.

It was the first big spam of our mailinglist; for anyone not familiar
with the term, his posts was a perfect example-- messages intended and
composed for negative effect, sent to a wide audience.  The best
policy is to ignore these things, but the first one does serve to

The offender hasn't responded to messages asking for explanation or
apology, so he's persona non grata and won't be able to resubscribe.


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