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Re: Generating Timecode, DP's & Colorists..

>One of those used Magna-Tech 9F's that "bt" was selling should do the
>trick. It's a box that takes tach pulses and converts them to TC (preceeded
>the Evertz), but it also functions as a stand alone TC generator with a
>front panel keypad. If you are using a Nagra-T, you can hook the 9F to the
>Rank, feed it to the Nagra as the master code, and the Nagra will chase
>along like a mag machine (sort of). I used to sync up like this prior to
>TLC,  and it is really nice to check sync on a tail slate (or in mid-scene
>for that matter) without a whole lot of keystrokes. Hope this helps.
>Julius Friede
I was tempted to also dig up this dinosaur box as a solution as well.  It is
ancient, but can still work well in some situations. Also, the ability  to
change the "divide by" function internally to accomodate syncing at certain
odd frame rates can come in handy.

Craig Nichols