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RE: Generating Timecode for Lynx

From: 	David L. Tosh
>If the Aaton sends its derived-from-film LTC to the Lynx master, I can see
>how the audio deck (which has the same timecode) is synchronized. If I
>remember the Aaton system, this LTC can be synthesized during preroll back
>over a discontinuity in the film TC so audio lockup is undisturbed.

Hmm, I wonder if some of the guys from Aaton are smiling a little by now.. ;^)

However, it seem's more complicated than I thought. Here again the situation:
We have at least 2 Lynx modules installed in every tc bay. The master Lynx is 
locked to the Rank biphase. Once a timecode location (smart slate tc) is 
entered into the master Lynx, it chases the "slave" Lynx to the edit point. 
Moving the film offsets this edit point using biphase - the film and the audio 
are locked together.

I tried feeding the LTC out of a 3/4" deck into the Lynx tc in, that works. So 
all we have to do at this point is somehow generating this timecode number.
I was also thinking about using the 4025's tc generator to produce this number 
and to feed it into the Lynx master, but this is almost as inconvenient as 
using the Lynx panel.

       >I built special hardware that created a short burst of LTC sent to the
       >SLAVE TC input of a Gray FC142 generator locked to telecine biphase 
       >in the dark ages -Action Video). After the initial burst set the 
counter to
       >the right value where the film was parked matching the slate, the 
       >mode of biphase TC generation worked just like the Aaton LTC output. 
       >any old Gray telecine frame code generators laying around?

Now that's sound very interesting, David! How did you generate that LTC 
All it really takes is to input this LTC signal into the Lynx master. Can LTC 
be generated using the pc's RS232 interface?

I hope I was able to shed some light on my idea.

- Kay.

To Rob: 

Hi Rob,
it's Mr. Kay Sievert (common first name for males in europe), confuses 
but I'm getting to old to fix that..  8^)