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TTEF is better than ten mothers

Subject:     TTEF is better than ten mothers
Sent:        19/03/96 0:19
To:          Telcin Group, telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

18 03 96, Jeff Kreines wrote:

>JP,  as a student of the Leacock/Pennebaker/JP Carson school of Guerrilla
>Filmmaking, I have to disagree!    =8A=8A=8A
> We were the sort of filmmakers who loved 1 light dailies, because we =
didn't want a timer
> turning wonderfully lit people into china girls. 

    Reversal films and/or 1 light  printed dailies forced filmmakers =
to be on the right stop but thanks god, the more tolerant negative =
stocks broke that iron law.
The ill effect of graded dailies - be it film or video - is to  hide =
density errors to a point it's impossible for the DP to *see*  =
possible mistakes and detect shifts of all sorts along the chain.  
Dedicated directors of photography ask for a PPs report,  but with =
video-dailies they can't see a single printed image before the final =
release and can't even get the least density number.  
     Sure, the director and the editor are much more happy looking at =
graded video-dailies, but six months later when one wants to make an =
optical effects for the final release, suddendly the image suffers =
from too thick a negative or (more often than not) too thin.

  We became strong advocates of the TTEF process and its 100% pure =
18% gray card, when we discovered how reliable and simple the Kodak =
method is to extract photographic density values out of a telecine =
transfer.  At last film DPs will get from the video-post world the =
kind of feedback (near Printer-Points values) they are requesting for =
   Don't tell me you can't expose a small 4"x5" non specular gray =
cardboard in the most crowded and difficult location.  See you at NAB =
on the Rank booth, I will sneack in a graycard, it will be the proof. 

If you want to know how TTEF  practically works, visit our web site, =
there is a color abstract of its handling on the Keylink =

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