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Re: Generating Timecode

I made a simple Time code Generator using a 68hc11 microcontroller. Feel
free to write me: if you are interested I'll give you all the details. As a
filmaker and electronic entusiast or viceversa, I'm trying to make a little
facility for low cost film production 16mm BN. I am looking at an old
printer, and every kind of film hardware at very low cost. If someone is
interested I' am building a  low cost KeyKode reader to add Keykode  in the
timecode user bit during telecine transfer.


Matteo Ricchetti
rmat at dist.unige.it
EIDOMEDIA video and film
Via Assab 4/2 16131
Genova Italia
Tel. xx39 10 3730000
Fax. xx39 10 3730003