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Colorists Awards?

     I remember watching television one night a few years ago - an awards 
show was on.  I remember Sideshow Bob had escaped from jail and had 
evil plans for Bart Simpson, when they cut back to the awards 
ceremony as host Krusty intoned:  "And now for the award you've all 
been waiting for - best film to tape transfer!"
     Had a mighty good laugh at that one.  But seriously, it's 
downright difficult to imagine an award for a transfer.  To be 
certain, all of us have worked a miracle or two, perhaps saved a DP.
Also, we've all seen negative that almost transferred itself because 
it was so beautiful.  I think for us, the greatest reward is having 
our clients return time and again.

"I have a letter here postmarked Deep Space!"
                     -The Firesign Theatre, "Or Anything You Want To"