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MFM drives / IDE drives RTBF

After a rather frustrating experience with a ST251-1 Hard Drive on an 
8:8:8 system, I thought I'd ask the following of the "Group".
With those with the 8:8:8 systems, how long between hard drive 
failures for MFM and IDE systems?   I checked our logs, and we 
averaged between 5 Months to 16 months, with the average being approx 
13 months.  
Furthermore, if you were able to test the drive, what was the failure, 
media, or ?????    
I tested a drive for .5 million tests, and did not get an error, yet 
when installed, it gave disk errors  (sense 91) often.  In talking
to the company that took over the repair of MFM drives, he indicated 
that on Unix/Regulus systems,  RTBF is reached on the index (pivot for 
heads???) in approx 12 months.   In the testing I did yesterday, I 
never got a media error, because the tests I did were all write/read.   
when I did read only tests, for example, running the Davinci program, 
we got read errors.  Since diags passed, but running program failed, I 
was sufficently confused....  until I talked to the Tech support 
people that re-build the MFM drives.  Sorry for being so windy, but 
I will be looking for your replies.  
Jan Janowski