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>From Remote                   RE>ICE
Why yes, you can get the same effect with any crunchy thing.  I suppose ice is
more popular in LA and pretzels do it for the Easties. 

The eye-brain mechanism is like a very tight servo; the brain can feel  head
motion and "compensate" for eye movement, making us able to track  images or at
least have them appear stable. 

Crunching things imparts large mechanical jolts to the eyesockets via  the
jawbone.  These "transients" momentarily unlock the servo, and  (along with the
temporal effects of the scanning) produce the noted  effect. 

(sort of the same thing happens if you "pluck" a videotape while  it's riding in
the tape path; the servos are good, but get zapped  by high-frequency /
high-amplitude hits) 

Perhaps a study should be made to see if ridged chips react differently  from
standard chips, or pringles.  Maybe a potato chip can be designed  to actually
reduce moire & flicker.  Now THAT'S advanced chip technology.