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Zap! goes the hard drive!

>Another reason for logging off when you're not working is this:  if a power
>glitch happens during one of those automatic disk writes, there's an
>excellent chance it will scramble something on the disk. 
>Good luck,
>Christopher Bacon
>DuArt Film & Video
I saw a disc drive failure happen when an 8:8:8 had locked up, and, despite
my warning shouts to wait a minute, an impatient operator choose to do a
power cycle reset while the drive light was flashing. This operator also
choose not to back up sessions onto floppy despite being warned numerous
times.  This same person experienced several similar drive failures. Hmmm!?
No one felt sorry for them.

At least on the DUI, if nothing else works, you can power cycle the frame
without causing this problem.  Even though the DUI features an OOPS
directory where "lost" or recently zapped sessions should go, common sense
should dicate that the best practice is to always back up anything you care
about to floppy.

Craig Nichols
Craig Nichols