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Re: ICE+

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I found it easy to demonstrate with my crunchy of choice while looking at the
yellow display screen on BTS 300 D-1 machines. I suppose the Sony screen would do
as well- your mileage may vary.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net

.. DT, that's a good point, and not wo wax nerdy, but you'll get  the effect
with ANY scanned display (ELD, CRT, even 7-segment  multiplexed LED displays on
your clock radio).  You'll also get  it if you move your head fast, especially
in the case of low- persistence displays like an LED array. 

This reminded me of an anecdote by none other than the inimitable  Mark Schubin (at
least I think it was him).  He described the  effects of LED "zipper" displays
(message crawls) whereby the  words look italicized due to motion, and tilted
left or right  depending on the scan scheme (top to bottom, or vice-versa.) 

If anyone knows the true details of this anecdote, it might be  interesting to
summarize and relate them to the group. 



(PS- My editel game clock has pased the 2-minute warning; I'll  be available at
bt at escape until I find a new home)  (that's escape.com...)