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Telecine Colourist for hire

In replying to the below, please be sure to send to the address
mentioned, and not me the forwarder, thank you.

--- Forwarded mail from 93952038 at mercury.np.ac.sg

A telecine colourist using URSA & DCP grading system (422 cintian)
for 2 1/2 years from VHQ Singapore is looking for other prospects.
He would like to work in the States, HongKong or Austrialia but is open to

His works include the Epson 'Print-it!' commerical and has done short
films, music videos, etc.

I am writing on behalf of him. If you are interested in employing him please
leave me an email. Do not post to the newsgroups please, Thanx!

93952038 at mercury.np.ac.sg

--- End of forwarded message from 93952038 at mercury.np.ac.sg

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