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Re: donations

On Mar 24, 23:08, Dbruyere at eworld.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: donations

> I absolutely agree to the minimum charge. What is your yearly cost Rob?
> divide it into the lot of us faithful and appreciative readers and name the
> price. 

I would prefer to keep the charge voluntary, though 'strongly
suggested', because of collection difficulties, particularly with
overseas subscribers; distaste for pledge drives (Bob Festa, our
pledge host, notwithstanding) contains my enthusiasm for publicity.
Monthly cost is $375 for the net connection, this is exclusive of
initial equipment cost and maintenance (don't ask).  Division over the
course of a year and with the current base of subscribers, allowing
for about a 50% response, amortizes roughly to a yearly contribution
amount of about $25.

> Tell us where to mail the check...

The Options booth at NAB will be accepting contributions from those who
can't send checks in US $.

Rob Lingelbach
2660 Hollyridge Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Thanks for your interest Danys.

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