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sony 'evergreen' monitor

Hi everyone,
Today I received our first Sony 'evergreen' BVM-20F1U monitor with remote
control unit. I played with that for about 20 minutes and I hated it.
First, this monitor is heavily menu driven device and even an engineer has
tough time to figure it out. The worst thing is on the DACs that Sony uses
on all the manual controls (brightness, contrast, phase, and chroma) on the
control unit. All the manual control knobs have to be turned fast and
quickly so that the cpu will recognize any changes. If you turn those knobs
gently and slowly, even though you turn it 360 degree, that monitor will
not change anything. This is totally not useful at all. If the colorist
wants to increase the brightness or contrast a little bit, he has to make a
big increase and then reduce the brightness or contrast. And also, since
they used very cheap DACs, you can see stepping on the manual brightness
and contrast adjustments. I don't think that is acceptable. Has anyone had
the same problems we had on this Sony 'evergreen' monitor? May be that is
the problem only happened on my monitor. I have contacted Sony but they
haven't give me an answer yet.