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re: New TAF eval

>Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 10:45:57 -0500
>From: dhumphus at airmail.net (Dean Humphus)
>Subject: re: New TAF evaluation
>To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

>You may contact Megan O'Malley at Eastman Kodak, (212) 631-3470 voice or
>(212) 631-3458 fax to request the films (5298 & 5287) and a questionnaire
>for evaluation comments.

Megan is the right contact at Kodak for the Eastern and Midwest regions of the 
U.S., but the above phone numbers are switched: Her voice number is (212) 
631-3458 and her fax number is the (212) 631-3470.

The West coast contact is George Gush at the Kodak Hollywood office. Phone 
(213) 468-1521; fax (213) 468-1568.

We're about to wrap up this test phase for the new TAF and are anxious to get 
the surveys back from those of you who've evaluated the film.

Don Ver Ploeg
Kodak consultant