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Re: sony 'evergreen' monitor

        Reply to:   RE>sony 'evergreen' monitor

To All,
At the risk of sounding like an advertisement,  I would like to remind the
group of the excellence of Panasonic's 20" Digital Monitor model AT-H1905D. 
Apparently Sony have still not matched the Panasonic for features.  It's too
bad Panasonic doesn't market their monitor more aggressively as it is a
remarkable monitor with lots of excellent features and a unified price that
comes fully loaded with all the inputs you could ask for ( 4:2:2 Serial and
Parallel; D-2 Serial and parallel; Serial and parallel digital component 16:9;
3 analog composite inputs; 5 line 8x fSC adaptive Digital Comb Filter for both
PAL and NTSC; an auto set up probe that actually works; color temp presets for
User, 3200k, 6500k, and 9300k; lots more).  I am not on Panasonic's payroll by
the way.  I just feel these are the best there is on the market and wonder why
more of us don't have them? 

on 3/27/96 4:36 PM,  evan chan  wrote--->
>   Today I received our first Sony 'evergreen' BVM-20F1U monitor 
>   with remote control unit. ................<deletia>...............