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re: New TAF eval

>Eastman suggests using the new 5298 TAF to set up for other stocks; 5245,
>5248, & 5293, but we (at Filmworkers) are skeptical of this practice.  

That's one of the questions we hope to have answered after we get more
feedback from users.  Based on initial response, we're optimistic that
the new Kodak 5298 TAF will provide a good reference for engineers,
and an excellent starting point for colorists to grade all Eastman EXR
negative films, except EXR Primetime 640T film.  Improved TAF for
Primetime will be made specifically on that stock.

If one TAF can serve as a reference for most EXR films, it will 
make life a lot simpler.  That's why we're concentrating mainly 
on EXR 5298 TAF for this initial survey.  We're anxious to hear 
from you and others who are testing the new TAF.  Please complete 
and return the questionnaires.

>One comment to Kodak: it would be helpful to identify the stock
>somewhere on the TAF "chart" to know at a quick glance what you are 
>setting up for.  This is useful where several bits of TAF are spliced 
>into a single loop. 

Good point and another enhancement on new TAF.  The film ID appears on
every frame - third patch from the left, bottom row.  

Don Ver Ploeg
Kodak consultant