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Sony Ever"SCREAM" monitors

>Today I received our first Sony 'evergreen' BVM-20F1U monitor with remote
>control unit. I played with that for about 20 minutes and I hated it.

        I have to agree with Evan that setting up these monitors is a major
leauge pain. Give me a good 1910 anyday! The new monitor setup features yet
another Sony example of the further perfection of Menu Hell. At first, it
seemed that the shaft encoders would be a good idea for setting up things,
but the resolution is very poor.   It's very easy to turn the control and
have nothing happen, or to turn it and overshoot where you wanted to be.
The factory default settings for 6500 were on anotber planet, according to a
Phillips probe.  Setting up the colorimetry was frustrating, as it was
extremely easy to lose your settings when trying to negotiate the very
poorly documented and most confusing menu system. When it came time to set
up brightness, the adjustment menu covers up the pluge pulse, thus making it
impossible to see what effect, if any, the turning of the brightness control
might be having. I hope Sony gets it together, because, if they can iron out
some of these most frustrating new "features" they would have a great monitor.  
         I would like to see Sony improve the resolution of the shaft
encoders and dacs, improve the menu system, improve the manual, and move the
menu that covers the pluge pulse on SMPTE bars. I also found the time it
took for the system to change inputs was agonizingly long. If they cannot or
will not improve them, then they should change the name to Ever"SCREAM"
because that is what you will feel like doing after setting one up!
       We took two different long looks at the Panasonic monitors, and liked
them except that the tube is curved (which the operators found annoying),
and the drawer had to be opened, and a button pushed to change standards
with a SDI input (the operators hated this also).  Otherwise, they appear to
be very promising. 
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video