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Re: Ecta & Kodachrome

Brad (who it appears is using the account of Barrie Seppings), I will
forward your message below now to the telecine group, hopefully
someone will have an answer for you quite soon (could someone please
help Brad?  Make sure to reply to his address --or the group-- and not
mine).  Your first message to the telecine group was rejected because
you weren't subscribed yet; now that you're subscribed your messages
will be accepted.


On Mar 29, 19:52, Barrie Seppings wrote:
} Subject: Ecta & Kodachrome

> I'm a commercials director working in Kuala Lumpur where info
>  is hard to find.I have two questions you may be able to help
>  me with is 16mm Kodachrome (daylight 50 asa) still available
>  if so where can I get it,& where can it be processed?Also has
>  anybody seen 7250 or 7240 that has been processed through a 
> neg bath on a chain? If so how does it look,is it worth the 
> hassle 3 stops is a lot to lose.I'm after a different look 
> not to worried about grain or reso.Thank you for your time 
> may all your tubes be blemish free.
> I tried to post this to all members of the telecine forum but it 
> returned a system error.  Thanks.
> -  Brad Carrot

}-- End of excerpt from Barrie Seppings

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