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Re: FLH/Quadra/DUI mutations?

>))Why would anybody name a new telecine after a Dodge product of dubious
>Strangely, apparently the FLH is great on "sheet metal" according to Jay
>Spencer at Producer's Color, who have an FLH and do a lot of car commercials,
>including Dodge...  Jay says the FLH shines on sheet metal.....
>...as seen in some recent Dodge van spots.  So maybe there IS a connection?
Just in case you weren't kidding about the connection between the name of
the new telecine from BTS and Dodge Van spots, I thought I might interject.
There is no correlation between the two.  It is true though that the
FLH-1000 shines on sheet metal.  The variable xenon(blue) light source, a
direct compliment of the orange mask of original camera negative, is
brilliant in the areas of color separation, and capturing detail.  Perfect
for sheet metal and about everything else, especially the subtleties of
differences in skin tone.  Just think of the superior signal to noise ratio
obtained by increasing or decreasing the amount of light passing through
the film, instead of electronic amplification of the video signal (noise

I should take this opportunity to nominate the new BTS telecine for the
"Telecine things to see at NAB Guide".  The FLH-1000 looks incredible and
the new machine promises to be even better.  Even the most diehard Rank
fans will love it, especially since all color correction and scan
adjustment can be seen live without moving the transport, the way they are
used to working.


Lynette Duensing
FLH-1000 Colorist
Producers Color Service