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Re: 16 X 9 Transfer

For a start you should find out if your clients require a full height anamorphic
version or a normal letter boxed version.Ask them to specify exactly between 
which TV lines they wish the final image to appear.Or put another way how much 
blanking do they want.I have done thousands of 16x9 transfers myself,I dont mind
any further questions.
  Good luck from England
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Subject: 16 X 9 Transfer
Author:  telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com at Internet
Date:    29/03/96 17:26

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Until now we at VTA have never had a request for a 16 X 9 film transfer, but 
now with a pending session on Monday, have many questions about setup.  We have 
two suites with daVinci DUI, Rank URSA Gold, Abekas 8100 switcher, Panasonic 
digital monitors and the recording media will be DCT. This will be a PAL job.

Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.  Our phone # is 

Larry Barth
Chief Engineer/Telecine Engineer
Video Tape Associates
Atlanta, Ga.

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