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Re: bt's outta there!

BT, this wasn't accepted because you posted from outside of Editel ;-)
I've patched the accept file to allow your posts from i-2000.com.  

On Mar 29, 10:27, bt at i-2000.com wrote:
} Subject: bt's outta there!

> Well, it's official. After 12 years and some months, I am no longer 
> an employee of Editel New York.  However, I don't expect to be out 
> of action for long, so keep in touch! 
> I can still be reached at bt at escape.com or bt at i-2000.com (lose the 
> bt at edny.univid.com address!), and will be at NAB to trade war 
> stories and consume appropriate amounts of fermented fluids. 
> What a long, strange trip it's been. -bt

}-- End of excerpt from bt at i-2000.com

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