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Colorists in mass media

Just got my Apr issue of _Video Magazine_ with an article "Copy Right: How 
films are transferred to video." Writer Chris Chiarella chronicles the 
transfer of _Fargo_ by John Dowdell at The Tape House, New York City.

"Today the challenges are many: you lose resolution when film grain becomes 
video lines. The color capabilities of film and video are vastly different; 
film has a dynamic-range ratio of 175:1, while video's ratio is only 60:1... 
In sum, the transfer process is a path with many branches, and it's the 
telecine colorist - often with input from the film's director of photography 
(DP) - who decides which branch to take."

It's good to see our profession in the popular media.  Someday we may have 
fewer awkward moments trying to explain what it is we do at those social 
engagements. Just as a footnote: _Widescreen Review_ has been running a 
series of interesting articles on the job of the colorist entitled "Mixing 
Oil and Water: An Inside Look at the Film-To-Tape Mastering Process." 
Unfortunately, as much as I like _Widescreen Review_, it's not quite as 
mainstream as _Video Magazine_, is it?