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Audio Hard Disk Recorders for dailies

Hello, all:

To eliminate the problems of preroll when transferring dailies with audio on
TC DAT or Nagra TC tapes, I know some facilities have been dumping all the
audio to a hard disk recorder.  While I have a ProTools 3 setup, that would
be gross overkill for this.  

I am looking at the very affordable Akai DR4D and DR8D recorders, which have
SMPTE options available -- the DR8D also has a film-tach biphase option,
which could prove useful.  Is anyone out there doing this?  Using these or
similar machines?  Can one do pulldown in the HDR easily? (Easy enough to do
before, of course.)

I am assuming in operation that these should be reasonably transparent --
just throw code at them and they lock up and play...  am I way off base here?
 All advice appreciated.


Jeff Kreines
DeMott/Kreines Films