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New products

Below is an announcement of new products I received here today.  This
complies with our policy of allowing one-time posts to the group of
new-product announcements... this week I'll be posting to the group a
short 'telecine targets' guide for those of us (like me) who have a
very limited amount of time at the show, and need to prioritize the

--- Forwarded mail from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>

NAB update from da Vinci.  We will have nine systems on the show floor at 
the Convention Center and will be introducing three new products.  Here 
is an overview of what you can expect to see.

da Vinci Booth #10163.
See the new control panels for the Renaissance 8:8:8 interfaced to an 
Ursa Gold and a Philips Quadra.

We will also display RESOLVE, the first product in the new da Vinci 
Software Solutions Technology (SST) product line.  The Resolve is an 
add-on module for color correcting resolution independent images in the 
Kodak Cineon Digital Film System, and will be running on an SGI Onyx.

Philips Broadcast Television Systems Company Booth #9300.
The new da Vinci Lite, a pre-programmer with a Pentium-based da Vinci 
User Interface will be on display controlling a Philips Quadra.  The new 
Philips Spirit DataCine will be controlled by a Renaissance 8:8:8.

Rank Cintel Booth #6344
A second da Vinci Lite will be on display interfaced to a Turbo II, while 
twin full-up 8:8:8's will be controlling two Ursa Golds.

Tekniche HiRes 1440 Group Booth #8221
da Vinci will be color enhancing 8:4:4 images with a full-up Renaissance 
8:8:8 on the new HiRes 1440 telecine.

If you can't wait to see the new da Vinci Control Panels or the da Vinci 
Lite, or you want to know more about color correcting in any resolution 
with the new SST Resolve, visit da Vinci on the web at www.davsys.com.  
We look forward to seeing all the Masters Of Color Correction in Las 
Vegas, and we thank you for your continued support.

Joe Moore
Marketing Manager
da Vinci

--- End of forwarded message from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>

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