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(Fwd) Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders for dailies

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From:          Self <cheyl>
To:            JKreines at aol.com
Subject:       Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders for dailies
Date:          Mon, 1 Apr 1996 12:12:45

We at Crawford Post have been using DDR's for this purpose since 
1992/93 and have found the Akai DD1000 to be most useful.

The DD1000 has many options for locking to external timecode or even 
being used like an ATR without an external timecode feed.  The disks 
hold 1 hour per side of mono or 1/2 hour per side of stereo.  The 
DD1000 also can have a list of cue points or timecode stamps which 
log timecode marks through the disk.  This makes it very easy for the 
operator to scroll through the list of timecode marks on the disk if 
he/she is trying to match timecode off of the film to the sound.
We use the DDR most often when the production sound has bad or 
off-set timecode and when mixing 50hz / 60hz materials.

Any more, for Aaton and Arri sync jobs, most of our sound has 
been coming in on DAT. With at least 7 seconds of sound pre-roll and 
5 to 7 seconds of roll up prior to "action" on camera rolls the
DAT locks up perfectly.  Most of the problems locking DAT comes 
from too little roll up on the camera rolls.
In this case, we load the DD1000 which locks as soon as it 
reads good timecode.  

For more info give us a call 800-831-8027