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(Fwd) Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders/ timecode breaks

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From:          Self <cheyl>
To:            JimErkson at aol.com
Subject:       Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders/ timecode breaks
Date:          Mon, 1 Apr 1996 12:56:19

The Akai DD1000 does drop out of record when it reads a break in the 
external timecode during the recording process.  It is supposed to do 
this.  Like any computer, DDR or audio work station these systems do 
not record timecode.  Instead they simply record a timecode stamp at 
ascending timecode addresses. As the DDR reads external timecode 
during the playback mode it references the incoming code to the 
recorded timecode addresses and stays locked via an internal bit rate 

Part of the process of using a DDR for syncing in telecine is the 
loading of the DDR prior to the transfer session.  Yes, the loading is 
labor intensive because it must be carefully done.  This is not a 
unsupervised dub.

At Crawford Post we use the DD1000 when it is necessary to the 
session rather than a convenience to telecine. The necessity may
be production problems (bad timecode) or the need for extra speed
in the telecine session.  That is why there is also a premium rate 
associated with a DD1000 session.