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Fwd: Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders for dailies

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Subj:    Re: Audio Hard Disk Recorders for dailies
Date:    96-04-02 13:35:51 EST
From:    JKreines
To:      avp at mail.xs4all.nl

Yes, I have read that the SADIE people (who make probably the most highly
regarded of the PC-based audio workstations) are coming out with a special
telecine version.  I believe that the Sadie will permit one to record in the
background and PB at the same time.  Which means, IF they have done their
homework (who gets to be their beta tester?) this would permit one to have
tapes getting dumped into the SADIE as one worked, no pre-dumping required.
 Might almost be cost effective.  

Of course, I could be wrong, and giving the SADIE a feature off of Sonic
Solutions (a Mac based system that does do background recording)...

Jeff Kreines