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re: evergreen display

Craig Nichols Wrote:
>shaft encoders would be a good idea for setting up things,
>but the resolution is very poor.
and he wrote:
> I would like to see Sony improve the resolution of the shaft
>encoders and dacs,

It would seem reasonable that the software can be tweaked to read the shaft
encoders more frequently, thereby solving the over/undershoot problem.  The
pot resolution itself is probably adequate.

He also wrote:
>When it came time to set
>up brightness, the adjustment menu covers up the pluge pulse, thus making it
>impossible to see what effect...

The 1911 series displays have a menu item (e.g. presets) that will deselect,
i.e turn off/on, the text.  Are you saying the 20 F1U has no such option in
the menu structure?