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Re: sony 'evergreen' monitor

>Our first BVM-20FU1 appeared on the scene last week; spent some time with it
>and have mixed feelings.
>Performance-wise, this series looks like an improvement over the old 1910s.
> The picture is sharper, and the lowlights weren't mashed quite so much.  On
>the other hand, ours had an incurable purity problem (blue blotch in the
>lower right hand corner), so it's already on its way back to Sony service.
>We found out all about the shaft encoders in the remote box.  They do take a
>bit of getting used to!  When you turn them very slowly, they move things one
>step at a time, and it's sometimes hard to tell if anything is changing.  Of
>course this isn't the problem when you turn the knobs fast.  What I found
>annoying was when you select various things like the comb filter or the
>monochrome mode, the monitor seems to wink out for about a second, then it
>comes back up with whatever you selected.  Forget about doing comparisons
>between modes by flicking the switch.
>As for the menus, I couldn't help but think, "c'mon guys, it's only a
>monitor!"  Nine-tenths of it is baloney you might use one time when you
>install the monitor.  As for the other tenth, well, it's nice to see it once
>you find it, but we were getting along fine with our tweakers, thank you.
> All things considered, it seems like a decent piece of equipment, but if
>those buttons, menus, and shaft encoders are representative of the new
>"all-digital age," I'd be willing to wager that it's going to be the shortest
>"age" in history!
>Christopher Bacon
>DuArt Film & Video
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We have received one BVM-20FU1 and found a burn pattern on the crt and
purity problem too. We also received a BVM-14FU1 and had a very bad purity
problem. Both monitors we ordered are 'A' stock monitors. Our rejection
rate for the ever 'scream' monitor, so far, is 100%.
If you  need to setup the monitor daily or weekly and  need to setup the
monitor in the middle of the session with a whole group of clients and a
high temper colorist.  you may have different view on these ever 'scream'

Evan Chan, senior telecine engineer
Pacific Ocean Post