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Product Announcement

Tube Enhancement, Inc. is introducing a new "Shielded, Deflection Yoke and Focus Coil Assembly" 
designed specifically to utilize the Tube Enhancement "AFD-Platinum Universal CRT" which are now 
being used in the MKIII telecine..

This new "Package" is designed for use in the URSA telecine.  The Tube Enhancement design will 
enable the user to install the "Package" in the URSA telecine one time.  When a tube change is 
required the CRT can be removed from the "Shielded, Deflection Yoke and Focus Coil Assembly" 
while the "Assembly" remains in the telecine.

Now one TE "AFD-Platinum Universal CRT" can now be used in all Rank Telecines regardless of 
cradle configuration or type of machine.

This product will be on display at NAB at the Options Booth #4761 in the Las Vegas Convention 

Gary Weissenberger
Sales/Marketing  Tube Enhancement, Inc.
ghw001 at cts.com