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Pluge and Sadie...

Hi all.

just a couple of responses to recent postings on this mailing list...


>Do you know where I can get a valid serial pluge?

We also had a problem with generating serial pluge.
our solution was simply to generate a component ( Y ) pluge signal and =
feed it 
into an Alpha YUV to Serial component video converter.

We then grabbed this into our Accom and Matchbox image stores for future =


Using Flame etc to create a pluge signal is an interesting idea. but as =
said, the 'super black' step could be a problem.
We use a pluge with 2% lift. This makes the 'super black' area black leve=
At first sight, this may seem odd, but if a monitor brightness is ajusted=
that the blackest stripe becomes JUST visible against the background, ins=
of JUST dissapearing into the background, this works just fine.

Such a Pluge signal has the advantage of being able to pass through any =
chain without any risk of being clipped, because it contains no 'super =


>This system originally designed for the BBC is now fully operational.
>We know of some GB facilities (TVI and Soho images) allready using the =

>SADIE with great satisfaction for
>on the fly audio-sync from the Keylink generated audio TC.  
>Transferring the original audio tape on disk does not require
>stopping on audioTC breaks.Thus SADIE ( $10.000) is easier to use than =

>the DD1000.

I work at Soho Images ( Shortly to merge with Soho 601 ) and yes,we use =
very sucessfully to sound sync rushes.
If I remember correctly, we are currently using V 2.14 software. This con=
a new recording mode ( sync rushes ) that does not stop recording on time=
breaks. So each take recorded gets put at the appropriate point on Sadie'=
timeline without operator intervention. This allows audio rolls to be dum=
into sadie unsupervised.
We considered using the Akai optical disk recorder for this, but rejected=
because (as we know) it stops recording on t/c breaks, and it cost about =
as much as Sadie.

We started looking into alternatives to conventional sound syncing with =
an edit 
controller, because we had trouble locking up to audio runups of less tha=
n 5 
seconds. Sadie typically locks up to uncontiguous t/code in under 2 secon=
and so is a great help.

According to Studio Audio ( who make Sadie ), Version 3 software will all=
audio to be dumped into Sadie as a background task while the operator is =

editing another job on the same machine. As this would increase productiv=
we are very interested to see this feature implemented.
Studio Audio have been promising this s/ware for some time. I saw a proto=
version at IBC in Amsterdam in September, and was told it would be finish=
ed in 
'about a month'. to my knowledge, it has yet to appear.
Does anyone have V 3 s/ware yet?

Hope this is of interest,


		Bruce Everington, Senior Engineer at Soho Images.