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Re: Film Cleaners

One thing you may want to look into is the ventilation scheme.
The 3000 has an internal vent fan.  If this is enabled, it does a
good job of removing vapors from the chamber... but those are the
very vapors that you'd want to save if you want to los as little
fluid as possible.  I have gotten VERY good fluid usage by disabling
that internal vent and only providing proper room ventilation.  If you
let the vapors settle before opening the doors, most of it falls back 
into the bucket.  I suspect that if you switch to perc someday, you'd
probably want the internal vent enabled. -bt

On Wed, 03 Apr 1996, Jim James <sales at sunsetpost.com> wrote:
>One of the things we plan on looking into at NAB this year is 
>environmentaly friendly(?) film cleaners for the new post-CFC era. Does 
>anyone have any experience, good or bad, with any of the new non-CFC 
>Also, we have a CF-3000 that is using more trichlor than our old CF-200. 
>Any one else using one of these beasts?
>Jim James