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>Also, we have a CF-3000 that is using more trichlor than our old CF-200. 
>Any one else using one of these beasts?

I installed a CF-3000 here at VTA in November 1994 and had a problem of excess
solvent consumption.  The problem turned out to be a leaking vapor accumulator
assembly.  Lipsner-Smith took two resin containers and just stuck them
together without a gasket at the joint.  When the cleaner was running you
could detect a strong solvent smell and feel the vapor leaking from the joint
where the two containers meet.  Once this accumulator unit was replaced, I ran
a bead of sealer around the joint of the accumulator just to be sure no
solvent vapors leaked out.  We run our CF-3000 approx. 10-15 hours a week and
go through approx. 15 gallons of solvent every 10 weeks.

Geoff King
Maintenance Engineer
Video Tape Associates