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How does the BTS FLH 1000 address the issue of  HI DEF when a standard has
not been set as  yet?

Does the FLH 1000 look any better then the other BTS products? Are the
images still flat and look like video?

We are looking at installing a system in the very near future and am very
interested in the FLH 1000 if it does what is claimed. I am also looking for
a colorist to do a test at NAB with fotage that I will be bringing to test
the various systems.

If interested in helping with this test reply to me at the above address, It
doesn't pay but, I'll buy you dinner at NAB. And who knows I may need a
colorist very soon if the test go well.

At 06:16 AM 4/3/96 PST, you wrote:
>--- Forwarded mail from "Jean Clement Soret" <jc at duboi.imaginet.fr>
>  Hi, I am a new subscriber of telecine group, and I have not followed all
>discussions about FLH 1000, but I see that the name Spirit is no longer a
>secret, I was part of a group of colorists that went to Germany, for a pre-NAB