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HiRes1440 invitation

--- Forwarded mail from cjchan at ix.netcom.com (Curtis Chan)

The HiRes1440 Group (Advanced Video Designs, Digital Vision, Preferred
Video Products, Tekniche) - Tekniche Booth 8221 in the LVCC

NAB '96 - HR1440...The Integrated 8:4:4 Telecine Solution

The HiRes1440 Group is inviting all telecine forum members to come by
Booth 8221 at NAB to see the premiere of the new HR1440 Telecine
Upgrade System.  Together with da Vinci, Sony and Lighthouse Digital,
the HiRes1440 Group will showcase a completely int egrated 8:4:4
telecine mastering system.  Touted as the best upgrade system for Mark
III users, the commercially available 8:4:4 HR1440 Telecine System
offers superlative picture quality and performance...we're even asking
you to bring your own film sampl e and D1 tape to make a transfer to
take back to your facility.

Here's what you'll see.  The HR1440 Telecine will be connected to da
Vinci's Renaissance digital color corrector and Digital Vision's new
8:4:4 noise reduction, dirt removal and image stabilization system.
Routing will be taken care of by Lighthouse Digital's new 8:4:4
routing system and Sony rounds out the complement with their 8:4:4 D1
DVTR system outputting to the Tekniche DAC1440 multi-format reference
D/A converter which can input 8:8:8, 8:4:4, 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 and output
high bandwidth RGB/YUV analo g.

For storing 8:4:4 elements, Advanced Video Designs will show their new
8:4:4 Digital Still Store.  The PC based system comes in 8:4:4 10 bit
or 4:2:2 10 bit versions and features instant image grab and play
capability, intelligent and flexible image search management and a
comparison mode that allows toggling between playback and source.
Other features include archival to external server or removable media,
electronic slate generation and hardware/software error reporting.

In addition, Advanced Video Designs will debut their new Digital Delay
System that features digital and analog video and audio delay
capabilities up to 1.5 seconds.  The Digital Delay System also
features independent or absolute delay for one channel of v ideo and
four channels of digital audio.  The standard 4:2:2 configuration can
be upgraded to either a 4:4:4 or 8:4:4 system, operating at 10-bit
resolution.  In addition, analog options can be ordered for delaying
LTC and VITC.  The unit also comes with parallel D1 in/out (serial is
optional), GPI, RS-422 and RS-232 control interfaces.

The HiRes1440 Group invites all members to bring their own film and D1
tape for a private demo at the booth.  All you need to do is call Doug
Leighton at Preferred Video Products, the exclusive North American
distributor for the HR1440 Telecine Upgrade Sy stem.  For the group
members that don't want to make an appointment, come by Thursday at
12pm for the telecine group's hands on demonstration.  The number to
call is 1-800-566-6544.

Want more details...The HR1440 Telecine Upgrade System features can be
found in the HiRes1440 page of the telecine web site.