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new telecine gear guide (NAB)

Here is the first draft of the targeted telecine gear guide for NAB,
written quite tersely for those who have limited time at the show
(like me).  Anyone who has knowledge of a significant new telecine
product that isn't included here, let me know and I'll consider it for
the final version of the guide which will be out early next week.

We have so many more manufacturers represented here in the telecine
internet group (which is its official name, by the way) in the past
year that there is bound to be some competitiveness felt about this
very rough NAB guide.  I hereby disclaim any responsibility for the
choice of products listed and appeal to everyone to keep marketing
(with the exception of important product announcements) out of the
daily mailinglist message traffic.  This guide is very
uncomprehensive, on purpose.  

The second part of this process will be a debriefing, after the show,
via this mailinglist, of show attendees, with impressions of the new
products, for those who couldn't attend the show.  This is raw
networking power at its finest, and a big reason why we formed this
group in the first place.

---NAB telecine guide (draft-April 4 1996)---

NOTE: Options International booth 4761 LVCC will have on hand a box
for contributions to the maintenance and costs of this telecine
internet group.

Aaton           booth 6344 (Rank's booth)
        Keylink digital keyer YUV sampler/software
        Sorter III: automatic sound & image synch of dailies after
        Grayfinder: Transfer Points reader/inserter (works with TTEF)
BTS 	  	booth 9300
	FLH-1000 -- has matured into: (place name here) 
daVinci         booth 10163
        New Control Panels
        daVinci Lite: DUI on a Pentium
        Resolve: color correction module for Cineon
Digital Vision  booth 2326 (Sands Hall)
        DV BitPack MPEG2 Authoring Workstation
                booth 8221 (LVCC)
        Full Digital HiDef Image Processing Workstation
        Anamorphic Format Converter
Kodak           booth 8829
        ?? new telecine stuff ??
Lipsner-Smith   booth 7145
        Excel 1100 new non-immersion cleaner using isopropanol/PTR's
Options         booth 4761
        ASTEC (Advanced System for Telecine Edit Controller)
        Digital Shading Eliminator (DSE) for Mark III's
        QuattroScan 8:8:8 FrameStore --10-bit store for the Mark III
        Clrview (addresses anti-aliasing & flicker)
        Accuglow (improves afterglow, burn correction & shading)
        Blanking Generator
        Rank Turbo II telecine with Digital Deflection 
Pandora         booth 3343/Sands 
        Ultimate User Interface (CXC, PIG, ESR); new DCP   
        pogle Platinum GUI
Rank 		booth 6344
	TKG densitometer for Ursa Gold (available at Options Int'l)
Sony 		Palace 5 - Bally's Hotel
	D1-SP dual standard mastering system
Tekniche	booth 8221 (HiRes group booth)	
	TK1440 HiRes 8:8:8 framestore & scan converter
	DAC1440 multi-format D to A converter
VAS Group       booth 10735
        RTC HD 3:2 downconverter, scan conversion products
Rumor dept: 
	new telecine from Film Lab Group Australia, CCD-based machine
	250k range, distributed by Film and Video Systems in Burbank,
	to be shown at NAB where?

---end of NAB guide (draft)---

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